Working with PDFs for VLE Digital Assignments

All written submissions via the VLE Digital Assignment system must be in PDF format. PDF is a generic multi-platform format that can be opened on all devices. 

During a typical assignment, you may have a Word Document report and a Word Document cover sheet. The report is your actual assignment work. The cover sheet is an official form that appends to your assignment for tutor feedback. We have to PDF these files and then merge them.

Saving your documents as PDF

In an MS Office package, go to File > Save As. You can then choose PDF as the file type. Other programs have similar export settings. If a program does not support PDF saving, you can emulate it by printing to a PDF virtual printer. For full compatibility with our VLE, all PDFs need to meet the PDF-A ISO standard

Combining PDFs into one PDF document

It is useful to combine PDFs into a single file for easy uploading. It also allows you to order them, ensuring that the cover sheet goes at the beginning. On a college computer you can highlight your PDFs in a folder, right click and select 'combine files in Acrobat'. Outside of college there are other methods including online PDF mergers.

Last modified: Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 11:49 AM